E-Z Fold is ideal for any temporary partition wall application where a room barrier is required. Imagine a school gymnasium that can be divided in less than 2 minutes! Picture the arrival lounge at your local airport that is capable of segregating domestic from international arrivals. With a simple turnkey operation, the airport authorities can now reconfigure the arrival lounge to suit their specific needs instantly! E-Z Fold can also be used to limit access to restricted areas!

You must give special attention to any impediments to ceiling pockets and cables (such as ducts, sprinkler pipes, drain pipes, electrical conduits) that may obstruct the proper installation of the temporary partition wall. There are also the tolerances of fixed walls and finished floor as well as the removable ceiling tile for the top of the ceiling pocket that must be evaluated for the temporary partition wall installation.

A temporary partition wall is defined as being an internal wall that is used for the purpose of subdividing a storey of a building into sections and which supports no load other than its own weight. It becomes temporary when the wall can be added or removed at ease.

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